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Dual video output problem

Hi all.

i have had a look round and cant seem to find any info on what i want to do. i dont even know if it can be done.

i have a compaq presario laptop and i want to be able to use the external monitor port to display video via a projector using real player, divx player etc (i already have this working fine).
at the same time i want to have mixmiester pro dj software open on the same pc so that the projector shows the video, and the lcd screen shows mixmiester, so that i can mix the tunes.

so far i can only get both screens to show the same thing, or send the output to the external monitor.
i have tried to extend the desktop but i cant use full screen on the video then (to get rid of all the bits round the edge of the player and maximise the video size), and have tried a dual display set up (using windows display config settings) but when i send the output from real player to the external monitor the lcd goes black.

do any of you know how i can set this up as i am sick of having to take the tower to gigs as well as the laptop.
either a software or hardware fix will do, tho i do have a soundblaster live, mouse, and 2 external drives on the usb buss at the moment, so i would need to add a usb hub to bolt on more hardware.

if you need more info on my setup just ask (i may need a hint as to where to find what you need).

many thanks in advance for any help you can give.
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