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What is the best software to edit the .mov format?

I need the possibility to edit it

What is the best software to edit the .mov format?

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I need the possibility to edit it

My mother's Nikon digital camera takes video in .MOV format (aka "motion JPEG") at about 30fps (possibly 29.97 fps, like NTSC colour video), so I'm guessing the codec used without the .MOV container is similar on your camera.

A program called Super© 2006 that is free from is something I found to convert to a format like plain AVI with uncompressed audio, that editing software can handle with no further degradation. It claims support for a vast number of formats, but its user interface is truly awful on my PC, sometimes failing to display drop-down menus. (Try clicking the drop-down box for a second or third time or go to a different field then return and try again)

Persevering with the interface, I recall I selected avi output container, huffYUV output video codec and WAV-(pcm little-endian) output audio codec. I tried to match the frame rate, resolution and audio sampling frequency of the original.

The resulting large file (which I think is losslessly compressed from the lossy MOV decode) can be edited with many editors, I believe. All I wanted to do was things like rotate video used in portrait mode and downsample, blur and motion blur prior to low-bitrate encoding for emailing. For that I used VirtualDub which seemed excellent for that purpose.

If you need to compress the video after editing, you might use Super© 2006 with a compressed output format of your choice. This might be a DVD-compatible format, DivX, XviD or Quicktime .MOV for example.

This may not be the best solution, but it's one that I can get to work.
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What is the best software to edit the .mov format?

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Have a look at avidemux first...


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