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DTS CD image

Hey folks, i am a newbie and this problem is related to dts audio. i have transcoded some stereo files to ac3 and dts files using adobe audition,be sweet, surcode etc. now i can very well play the 5.1 channel dolby ac3 files using windvd platinum output to yamha receiver via s/pdif interface.however when i try to play a dts wav file, all i get is a loud hiss on various soft dvd players including windvd,wmplayer etc. after doing some research i found that i need to burn these wav's to audio cd in order to play them. so i did. i burnt nero images of the dts audio cd and mounted them on the image drive. now the cd plays on windvd [ wm player still hisses] and the player indicates dts sound. however the receiver doesnt seem to recognise this signal over s/pdif and stays silent.[pls note my rcvr supports dts -es/ex 7.1 ch]. what am i missing. also when i try to use an external 5.1 channel soundcard with a[GAINWARD] surround 5.1 channel headphone, it plays just fine. does that mean i am missing out something on the s/pdif front? or should i burn the image on a real cd and play on a standalone dvd player. i also read somewhere in the forum about bit perfect output on the soundcard. how do i check if mine supports this. also pls note that i have tried dts cd's of both 44k and 48k freqs. pls help me.also pls forgive me if i have missed out on a similar query within the forum because i hv gone through a lot of similar queries wherin the suggested solution is foobar,wmp classic etc. but i want to first confirm if what i am doing is wrong
thnx in advance

DTS CD image

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[ wm player still hisses]

This must be probably cause WM is still trying to read the DTS-WAVs as standard WAVs. To get Directshow based players to play DTS-WAV u need to get the WAV loaded as DTS-WAV, and a decoder capable of recognizing these wavs like "ffdshow audio filter". But not sure it would work with CDs.

however the receiver doesnt seem to recognise this signal over s/pdif and stays silent.

Played in WinDVD or PowerDVD with SP/DIF set?
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DTS CD image

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thnx wonderchan and sorry for the late reply. i've sorted out the issue with KMplayer. cheers!

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