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i do use qaac but how it works is kind of a hack, iTunesEncode is just like encoding right from itunes but it saves me from converting to alac first.

This is nonsense.  What do you mean by "hack"?  Are you saying that iTunesEncode is less of a "hack" than qaac?
And what does alac have to do with either of them?

This is why i said hack, nu774 said this.
In Windows, SDK for QuickTime is provided by Apple. However, Apple Application Support is currently just an porting layer used internally by Apple products, and there's no SDK for developers or something.
Therefore, using CoreAudioToolbox from external program is at least some kind of hack, and I don't know if it is the right thing to do (Though qaac is exactly doing it).

Like i said there there was no real reason why i tried iTunesEncode, i do use qaac and sometimes i use qtaacenc.


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you know yourself from that thread you've quoted that the files produced by QAAC are bit identical to the ones produced by itunes. your reasoning it totally beyond me. still, it is your personal choice and we can't argue with that.

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