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Winabx Released

KikeG released a new ABW comparator:

I've just finished an initial release of a new ABX comparator. It's a preliminary alpha version, so don't be very hard with the look of the program or some lacking features.

It's at

I'm aware that there are same bugs related to not properly opening a wave file at the beginning of the program, I'll fix them when I have some time. Also, don't get mad trying to change A and B wave files once the program is running, with this version now you just have to close the program and run it again to select new wave files. Sorry 

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


Winabx Released

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Yeah, I posted same info at the General section. I didn't post it here because I thought it would have more "impact" at the other section. Anyway, it's not bad to have it here too B)

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