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Merging two MKV files

Sorry for the basic question but I'm having trouble with this.

Is there a way to easily join 2 mkv files that were splitted with mmg/mkvmerge losslessly?

I've read some threads at but most of them advise the use of VirtualDubMod for doing this, and I confess that this tool is too complex for me at the moment.

Is there a way to join them again with mmg/mkvmerge?

Thanks for any help.

edit: clarification

Merging two MKV files

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With AVImux_GUI it's easy...

Merging two MKV files

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ok. thanks. I'll try that.

Do you (or any matroska developer) know if this is doable with mmg/mkvmerge? For the sake of simplicity I'll only add another tool (avimuxgui) if absolutely necessary (ie, if mmg/mkvmerge is unable to handle mkv file merging).

thanks again.

Merging two MKV files

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Nope...actually it's not doable under mkvmerge/mmg but it's on Mosu todo list.

Merging two MKV files

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It's not hard with VirtualDub either:
- Open the first part
- File -> Append Segment and select the second part
- Save as (make sure you select Direct Stream Copy there (to not reencode))

Of course the movies have to be the same resolution and codec or else it doesn't work.

btw. i tried this with VirtualDubMod.. i think it'll work with VirtualDub too

Merging two MKV files

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VirtualDub doesnt read matroska files
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Merging two MKV files

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Thank you all for the replies 

I'll try both suggestions and hopefully my noob status won't prevent me from achieving the goal 

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