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"Free WMSnoop tool available"

I just inadvertently stumbled across this and had not seen anything similar before so I thought someone may find it interesting. Sliq Media Technologies, Inc. - Sliq WMSnoop

Frame Level Stream Analysis tool

WMSnoop is a tool for analyzing Microsoft® Windows Media 9 Series Video files on a frame by frame basis. This tool is used by advanced streaming professionals to optimize encoding and production techniques. WMSnoop provides analysis graphs of frame size and averaged file bitrates enabling power users to tweak their encoding pipeline to deliver optimal results.

WMSnoop can be used to detect where the Microsoft® Windows Media Encoder is inserting key frames into a streaming file and where the bitrate of a file may be spiking due to high motion.  By pre-filtering, tweaking encoding settings or changing production techniques, a production professional can optimize the quality of the encoded output. WMSnoop provides a very low level method of verifying the effectiveness of different processes.

WMSNoop is being offered as a free download for a limited time.

I haven't tried it so I can't comment there.

FYI, I noticed the anouncement of it here, at WMTalk

Hope someone finds it useful, tec

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