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recording from cable

hello, i have just found this forum and was wondering if anyone can tell me how to record fromacable feed, i was thinking it is just a case of running an extension from my cable box into a tv card in my comp,if this is the case, can anyone recommend a specific card to get as i amnew to this, i was thinking of a pinnacle pctv rave card, is this ok?

thanks in advance


recording from cable

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There are many ways to record cable television (all of which are illegal in many countries, be warned).  You could take an analogue feed from the decoder and plug it in to something similar to a Pinnacle PCTV Pro.  If your cable is analogue, you can get programs that will take the aerial feed and with certain cards will decode all the channels (including those not part of your cable package).  This is most certainly illegal and links to these programs, discussion on how they work or how to use them will not be permited on these forums.  If you have digital cable, you may be able to get a DVB-C (Digital Video Broadcast - Cable) (i think that's right) card, which may or may not be able to decode your cable signal (depending on the encryption method your cable company uses).

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