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Simple-xfeed (or crossmix)?

I'm very interested in binaural spatialization and using fb2k hrtf plugin with my stax sr202(+custom eq for dfe) and sennheiser hd580.

Of course, I feel miracle! But there is some problem in the plugin.

1.1) Too heavy. : it need much cpu resource. Moreover, also need SSRC resampler (for 48kHz sources)
1.2) Can't listen to CDz
1.3) Hard to change another HRTF measurement data set. (ex. by MIT)
1.4) Too small (-6~-8dB) output signal : For me, it's not problem because I use extra headphone amplifiers. But some of my friends complain.

And I liked foobar convolve plugin much - it's light, free to change impulse response, auto level adjustive, and doesn't need resampling. ... Nevertheless, it's not generalized(matrix) convolver requires impulse response matrix, and it can't be use applying hrtf samples.

But I have an idea of overcome that problem.
Without crossfeed signal process, current convolve plugin is acceptable. And crossfeed plugin is ready for foobar. So...

2.1) Convolve impulse response which is mix of L/R HRTF sample (crossfeed part is muted).
2.2) Crossfeed

I think this combination will do same work. And it'will be much lighter and enable general use if possible.

By the way, there leaves some problems yet. 

3.1) "foo_crossfeed" modify original channel so much. : Terrible(over 30dB) Boost for 20-40Hz region - I think this is neglectable for frequency limit of headphone (not spec, real effect), some 6-9dB complex boost - hard to deboost clearly with band pass filter - for treble. (I checked this result with Sound Forge 7.)

So, I need simple crossfeed plugin for foobar2000 - just mix delayed other channel.

Tell me about your advices. (If you say better solution for binaural spatialization, it'll be helpful, too.)

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