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Topic: 1by1 - Ver 1.24, updated: 2002-05-19 (Read 2548 times) previous topic - next topic
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1by1 - Ver 1.24, updated: 2002-05-19

1by1 Version 1.24 (27 KB) (2002-05-19)

The MP3 Directory Player that needs no playlist

What's new in 1.24:
Cue sheet support implemented
Files can be deleted/moved/renamed from context menu
Sort type and direction shown
Names of drives shown
Font height can be set to default
Some more adjustments and minor extensions
Hubba hubba zoot zoot...

1by1 - Ver 1.24, updated: 2002-05-19

Reply #1
Hey, this player is kinda good! I wonder if this could have MPC support..

1by1 - Ver 1.24, updated: 2002-05-19

Reply #2
I mailed him for vorbis support. Do the same with mpc!

1by1 - Ver 1.24, updated: 2002-05-19

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It's a really good player, but I have some serious stability problems on my Win 2000 Box (couldn't test it under Win98 yet): When "Auto Search Dirs" is diabled, it crashes whenever it has to switch the directory by itself.
Has anyone else this problem? What's mpesch's E-Mail Adress to mail him a bug-report?
"To understand me, you'll have to swallow a world." Or maybe your words.

1by1 - Ver 1.24, updated: 2002-05-19

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its in the readme:

Please do not put email adresses on any website or forum

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