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- Yesterday morning I was processing the sound for a DVD I'm ripping (Finding Nemo). This process was as follows: rip movie with SmartRipper, get AC3 stream with DVD2AVI, rip to WAV with AZID, resample with Naoki Shibata's SSRC, encode with RazorLame+Lame3.90.3.
- Today I decided to take a crack at ripping the soundtrack for Diablo using CV5.

- Most tracks turned out fine. But some of the longer music tracks for dungeons and towns ended up like 5-8 minutes long, with either slow-mo Finding Nemo dialogue or random noise filling up the extra time. WTF?!

I don't think I'll be needing any help for this... I can probably fix it by clearing my Temp folder and re-ripping, or just trimming the files.

I just thought it was so odd that it was worth mentioning to someone else.

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