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Topic: NE1 heared rumours about iPod future formats suppo (Read 1835 times) previous topic - next topic
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NE1 heared rumours about iPod future formats suppo

This Christmast Santa left at my home an awesome 10Gb's iPod (past year I was a very good boy :-)

It works fine... but (IMHO) lacks of a wider variety of file formats support... MPC... APE (Monkeys Audio), OGG... I think they are enough popular formats to add support to this great piece of hardware...

NE1 heared any rumours about future support to aditional file formats...

Another lack of the iPod (IMHO also) is the inexistance of a public SDK to give to the usars a chance to develop... and there isn't any sign of release something in that way... it's a pity :-(

Best regards to all.


NE1 heared rumours about iPod future formats suppo

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I think many doubt that Apple will make the iPod compatible with other codecs. They've jumped on the MPEG-4/AAC bandwagon totally and there is little reason for them to spend time and effort porting other codecs that don't have any industry backing.

I think I read somewhere on the Vorbis mailing list that there is the possibility of someone outside of Apple porting Vorbis to iPod but it could be a serious case of wishful thinking.


NE1 heared rumours about iPod future formats suppo

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I also seriously doubt they will open the SDK. All hell would break loose at their support systems with people ruining their iPods with broken SDKs.

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