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How do you convert a video file?

Ive got a video file that has 5.1ch AC3 that i want to convert to something like 96kbit mp3.. but whenever i try to it says make sure the target number of channels is the same as the input, or something like that..

ive tried using virtualdub (which doesnt support ac3 in the first place), a modded virtualdub with ac3 support, and something else too, forget what it was...

i thought ive converted 5.1ac3 before, but i cant seem to figure it out now, does anyone have any suggestions?

How do you convert a video file?

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thanks gonna check it out

How do you convert a video file?

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You could try BeSweet available at DSPGuru's website. It can downconvert AC3 and recently DTS to pretty much any format you want. A GUI is also downloadable. I recommend the latest beta versions, they have much more functionality than the stable ones.

BeSweet supports VOBs (from DVD) directly, but for other formats you need to extract the AC3 track first. VirtualDubMod might do the trick, but in the worst case you'll have to play around with Graphedit.

For VirtualDubMod, the procedure is:

Open the video file -> 'Streams' -> 'Stream list' -> pick the right track -> 'Demux'

The .ac3 file can be opened and downconverted with BeSweet.

How do you convert a video file?

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I agree BeSweet is a wonderful tool and everyone should try it, but I made my codec so people could avoid all those extra steps.  The core is based on liba52, and it works with most any ACM client (VirtualDub, TMPGEnc, Avisynth, CoolEdit, etc).  The only downside I'm aware of is that it tends to override DirectShow AC-3 filters, like Valex's.  (I have a workaround for that if anyone needs it.)
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How do you convert a video file?

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fccHandler your codec works great.. i installed it and opened virtualdub (regular virtualdub, not modded in any form) and was instantly able to convert the ac3.

nice work


How do you convert a video file?

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I also recomend BeSweet along with the BeSweet GUI to avoid the command line.

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How do you convert a video file?

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96kbs mp3 is a bad idea!

use a better codec like vorbis or aac for that bitrate...
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