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IRC quotes

[00:23] <CompactDick> minor flood coming...
[00:23] <@MTRH> If I was drunk I'd go: "liu la lo peng poing lee la liu liu looo"
[00:24] <CompactDick> Replaygain 0.84     © 2001-2002 Klemm/Robinson/Sawyer
[00:24] * CompactDick has quit IRC (Excess Flood)

IRC quotes

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This will quickly turn into HA's it should be a sticky
Happiness - The agreeable sensation of contemplating the misery of others.


IRC quotes

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[22:44]<JensRex> Oh... oops. I still had my user agent spoofed after using
[22:44]<Wish> windowsupdate ist spoony
[22:44]<JensRex> Arg... it still screws up.
[22:44]<Wish> heh
[22:45]<ShyK> hehe cool
[22:45]<ShyK> can you spoof it to IRIX? :B
[22:46]<JensRex> You can spoof it to anything.
[22:46]<JensRex> msie 6.66; fagotronics os

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