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mp3 / aac problem sample

The sample "lifamim.flac" has ringing or distortion in both mp3 / aac:

mp3 lame 3.95 128k cbr:  14/15 - massive smearing on guitar

aac nero 128cbr:  14/15 (very noticeable distortion, though not as ugly as lame)

aac vbr 128: same

aac nero transparent:  9/11 (requires more attention, i am getting tired, but still pretty noticeable)

2nd attempt at nero transparent: 9/10

nero extreme: 7/16 - tired now, sometimes its clear and i abx, then it fades and i fail.

Lame 3.95 aps - 2/6
wavpack hybrid 256k -hx4

mp3 / aac problem sample

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Just a little hint: Nero AAC Encoder is up to version now, so why would you want to test the sample with a very old encoder version? -

mp3 / aac problem sample

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Downloaded Nero from official site last week and still had the same problems. This new link on HA seems to have sorted it out somewhat:   

aacenc 2.6.2  - 128vbr:  abx 35/55
wavpack hybrid 256k -hx4


mp3 / aac problem sample

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More practice on this sample. Tonight i feel very energetic so its a good time for abxing.

aac profile LC AAC, bitrate=165 'transparent profile'  encoder

ABX: 10/11 - first few seconds 'scratching' effect. very easy for me now.

Lame 3.95.1 APS  second attempt abx:

7/10 - more subtle than aac.
wavpack hybrid 256k -hx4

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