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Does somebody know this song?

hi there,
I just wanted to burn a sampler to remember me of all the (good) old dancefloor-hits from my early club-years (please no comments about the musical quality of thisse kind of stuff...    B) ; it's mainly for nostalgic reasons... though I still like some stuff from that time 
In that time, I bought all theese 'Dance Now' samplers like crazy (if I look back now, what a waste of money... ah, well) and ripped them via soundforge without realy bothering to tag or naming them. I was able to retrieve nearly all titles (by heart, google or 'with a little help from my friends' (thx joe  ))
anyway to finaly come to the point: I've got one song I realy can't name anymore.
I would greatly appreciate if anyone of you guys is able to drop me the information.
p.s.: though I doubt the song is from one of theese DanceNow CDs, can't realy remember...
Nothing but a Heartache - Since I found my Baby ;)

Does somebody know this song?

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hmmmmmm, i'd try typing marusha, or low spirit records in your browser, i'm not positive, but it sounds like the loveable german cheese monsters

Does somebody know this song?

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Actually it's not "never had a point of you" but "view". You get a few more hits that way, but most also point to the Erasure song.

If you search for that and add the keyword "mix" you get this. But I don't see any special reference there.

Tried searching for the song title.. Some candidates for the artist.
Trance Team (featured on the sampler: "This Is Trance: 1AM")
Con-Cept (featured on the "Tribute to Erasure" compilation)
Aural Expansion (from their album "Remixed Sheep")

It's a pain to browse that site since the links are javascript based. Bleh. Here's the complete list (hope the link works).

Maybe it's also directly form the Erasure album "Ebx4".. perhaps the "Divine Inspiration" mix. This song is listed 7 times on that album (I guess it's 2 CDs.) Perhaps pne of those (re)mixes.

edit: there's another guy with the same problem.


Does somebody know this song?

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now I can at least rename the title of the song: ... - breath of life (...rmx)  ,
and have a starting point for new information-search, so ta
Nothing but a Heartache - Since I found my Baby ;)

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