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Call for samples

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Artist: Seunghoon Lee
Title: Raining Streets
Filesize: 1,743,514 bytes
md5sum: bbfffc2c65ca55fa44b84ee09a9bd746 *rainstreet.flac

Also 20 seconds from the start of the song, also replaygained.

Edit: attachment removed. This sample has a lowpass, which I suspect is not from the original album mastering.

I've removed the sample that I had uploaded, because spectral analysis showed that it had been lowpass filtered. (I acquired the file from a free CD I received. Checking all the rips from the CD, I found that all songs were lowpass filtered.)

There were about 17 downloads of the file in question, and I urge anybody who downloaded it to delete it, thank you very much.

Sorry for uploading a lossy file.

Call for samples

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What do you mean by lowpassed file? Fixed lowpass, or variable ceiling (as with VBR encodings)?
I've plenty CDs with a lowpass near ~20000 hertz.

Call for samples

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I don't really see a problem with your sample. I can't lowpass the samples, because that could be interpreted as tampering. But if the studio is lowpassing, it's not like they did that to tamper my listening test results.

As long as it is ripped directly from an official CD, it's fine. It doesn't matter what processing the studio applied.

Call for samples

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The songs all have a fixed lowpass, which I noticed in foobar2000's default spectral visualization plugin. I can't hear the difference, so I can't ABX, but I feel bad about it.

Well, the CD in question was one I received from a liquor company. It had several songs inside, all by different artists. I found I liked the songs, so I ripped them to FLAC. Later, I bought an album which contained one of the songs, and got curious when the FLAC rip from the official album and the FLAC rip from the liquor CD didn't match.

The official album didn't have a visible lowpass, but the liquor album did. I checked the other songs, and all the FLACs (presumably not from official albums) that I were able to check had lower lowpasses than all the lossy files (same songs, ripped from official albums, presumably) that I could get my hands on.

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