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Do you guys know TeamSpeak?

It's a very nice, free for non-commercial use, closed-source (can't have everything...    ), voice communication program.

It has been developed with the clear goal of using it while playing online games such as Counter Strike, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, and whatever else...

In the latest version, you can know use Speex as a codec. And since it takes very little bandwith, you can even talk to several people at the same time... and not too difficult to use.

Anyone has tried it? I did recently and it is very nice!

Do you guys know TeamSpeak?

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I use it, very nice quality for such low bitrate

Just as a curiosity, what bit-rate are they/you using?

Do you guys know TeamSpeak?

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It also uses CELP or GSM if you so like.

But I personally frag around with Speex 5.2 (I'm at work, so I don't remember the number very precisely...).

A couple of days ago, I tried it without playing, just to check out the quality, and going up to Speex around 19 or 16 was sounding awesome. Certainly better than phone, and still perfectly fluent enough to talk nicely.

EDIT: All numbers are Kbps...