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Hiding Empty Fields

I have a panel that displays composers, however I only use the field for my favourite artists and as a result have many songs that have an empty composer field. These empty fields are still being displayed though and I would like to hide it. I'm still new to foobar so I'm not very familiar with the functions that would go about doing this. I'm just using [%<composer>%] right now.

(It is technically a drop down so the full line is [%<composer>%]|%<album artist>%|[%album%]|[[%discnumber%.]%tracknumber%] [%track artist% - ]%title%| but the main issue is with the composer field).

Re: Hiding Empty Fields

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What is the panel / component you are using?

Re: Hiding Empty Fields

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It's a Spider Monkey Panel, but its just acting as an album list that I've customized with a composer view.  The different views seem to use normal foobar syntax and functions so I assume it's not an issue?

Re: Hiding Empty Fields

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These are the different views in the panel properties, but I'll only be using composers for this panel.

Re: Hiding Empty Fields

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I see. If you only want it to show tagged composers, wrap the entire view pattern in an $if statement -

Code: [Select]
$if(%composer%,%<composer>%|%<album artist>%|[%album%]|[[%discnumber%.]%tracknumber%] [%track artist% - ]%title%)

Of course you'll be missing tracks not tagged with composers, so it would not be a complete list of your library.

Alternatively, you could put a "(No Composer)" entry instead (where you had a blank space before) to list all tracks -

Code: [Select]
$if2(%<composer>%,'(No Composer)')|%<album artist>%|[%album%]|[[%discnumber%.]%tracknumber%] [%track artist% - ]%title%

Or, you might prefer to setup a filter instead (assuming Library Tree script, with filter button top right) so you can click the filter on and off to show tagged composers or complete library -

Code: [Select]
%composer% PRESENT

(Under "View Filters" in Panel Preferences)


Re: Hiding Empty Fields

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Thank you, the first statement was what I was looking for, and I appreciate the alternative options.
I was messing around with an $if statement but couldn't format it properly, so thanks for the help!

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