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UPnP Browser non-functional

Trying to connect to a Chromecast Audio and have installed foo_out_upnp and foo_upnp. However, the UPnP browser is empty. There is no "Add a New Server" or anything that actually responds to a mouse click. Have installed Bubble PnP Server thingy as well. I'm a little lost with this one, so hoping someone can give me a tip or two.

Re: UPnP Browser non-functional - Chromecast Audio

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Thank you sacduser.
I have managed to go beyond hearing just a click when I play a track. I now hear approximately 15 seconds before it cuts out. I'm assuming this is a Windows Defender firewall issue of sorts. Problem is, I have no pretense of knowing what the hell I'm doing. This is all mumbo jumbo stuff to me and I have know idea how I even got to hearing 15 seconds of sound. I just methodically change everything there is to change until something works. Its taken me at least two full days to get to the place I'm in now. It seems as though everyone must go through such pain due to ignorance before they know something about anything to do with computers. And because of that, they feel others are obligated to suffer the same. If anyone can see beyond that, and are able to tell me how to make this google chromecast audio play more than 15 seconds, well, I'll be eternally grateful to them.

Just to be clear, when a track is commenced in Foobar, the play time in the status bar goes for 5 seconds and then stays at 5 seconds and the slider bar showing track progression also halts at this time, but the music continues for another ten or so seconds before stopping. The play indicator remains next to the track as if it were still playing. I tried increasing the buffer length but it made little difference.  This suggests, to my somewhat ignorant brain, that the issue is in Foobar and not with the Chromecast Audio itself, which is new out of the box, by the way. Although, I'm not ruling it out, just as I'm not ruling out Bubble UPnP server either, although I've done everything as per the instructions kindly pointed to by sacduser. However, I would with some confidence, rule out any adverse affects due to Wi-Fi. There is a ten metre line of sight between the two and the consistency of this 5 second stalling suggests variable Wi-Fi is not the cause. I would expect the track to continue on regardless if Wi-Fi was the issue. But I could be wrong..., something which happens all too often when it comes to computers.

Any suggestions? ....... Anyone? ...... Please ...... I'm kind of begging now.

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