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Clicking on a song from within Win Explorer

Every time I do this, foobar demands the focus by force-showing the taskbar (which I have hidden) and blinking its icon on it.  I then have to click it to make it stop blinking and make the taskbar drop down again.
Can I stop this annoying behavior?  I often use programs that show info where the taskbar normally is and this gets obscured every time I play a song through Win Explorer.
Maybe foobar can be minimized so it only plays songs without doing anything else?
Version is 1.5.1.

Re: Clicking on a song from within Win Explorer

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Hi there,

Try clearing the setting for Preferences > Shell Integration > 'Bring to front when adding new files'

Re: Clicking on a song from within Win Explorer

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Thanks that partially solves it.
Can I get it to do nothing at all except play the song (so stay in the background)?

nvm, it works now. Thanks again.

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