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Topic: 1.6.5 beta 2 crashes.. a lot (Read 794 times) previous topic - next topic
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1.6.5 beta 2 crashes.. a lot

I'm getting a lot of very random crashes with this version, sometimes it just a CTD, other times I get the "foobar has crashed" dialog.
Doesn't seem to be any one action that causes it, I can be scanning files, playing them or just browsing the media library and suddenly it crashes out of nowhere.  In the last hour its crashed 5 times alone, when usually I get maybe 1 crash every couple of months at worst.

Going back to 1.6.4 fixes it.

Sorry can't be any more specific on possible cause.

Re: 1.6.5 beta 2 crashes.. a lot

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Is there anything about the crashes in the event log?
Who are you and how did you get in here ?
I'm a locksmith, I'm a locksmith.

Re: 1.6.5 beta 2 crashes.. a lot

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Does the 'foobar2000 has crashed' dialog prompt you to submit crash reports?
I can't seem to find matching crash reports in our database.

If you can't automatically submit crash reports, please post the generated logs here.
If there are no logs written, please post full list of installed components.

Re: 1.6.5 beta 2 crashes.. a lot

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Do you have large 7zip archives in your library?

Previous foobar2000 versions used to outright refuse to read such - specifically, 7-zip archives with very large dictionary size. Now such archives are supported, but at cost of extreme memory usage during extraction. This is the most significant change in 1.6.5 that the problem could be blamed on - there are traces of running out of memory space in the logs.

If you can crash it again, please send auto reports. The more the better - reports from betas are always reviewed before a stable release, and the more you send, the bigger blip appears on my problem radar.
It would help if you could zip up all the reports - with minidump files - and send to me.

Re: 1.6.5 beta 2 crashes.. a lot

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Attempted fix included in beta 3.
I'd still like the full archive of crash reports.

Re: 1.6.5 beta 2 crashes.. a lot

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>>>>> bump >>>>>

I'd really like to know if this is 7-zip related or not.

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