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Mac: shuffle keeps repeating the same song.

I've got my music on a SMB share, on a NAS.

When using Foobar2000 on my work machine (a Mac), if it's set to shuffle mode then whenever it finishes a song it often just starts playing the same song again. The exact same thing happens if I hit "skip" - often it just doesn't do it, and starts the track again instead!

I haven't been able to determine what causes this.

I suspect it's got something to do with caching, because I think this used to happen with tracks even in normal order until I went and set all the buffer values to very large ones. Note that caching can't be the correct solution here; if there's no cached track available to play, it needs to wait until there is one, not give up and go back to the start of the cache (or whatever it's actually doing, I'm just making an educated guess here).

Anyway, it's SUPER annoying to have to hit skip like four times to skip a track, or to go on to the next track when one finishes naturally!

Re: Mac: shuffle keeps repeating the same song.

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Just upgraded to 2.2.16, from .14. Still an issue :(

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