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An example of the 'unexciter' that I have also been working on

You might notice (if you listen to some old music), that there was sometimes a middle frequency nasal sound in some recordings.  This isn't in all of them -- one example is on Petula Clarks' album (the one with Dont Sleep In the Subway & Downtown).  Also, ABBA recordings also had that sound.  In my recent examples -- I didn't remove the Aphex Exciter sound, but I have developed a program that removes part of the 'nasal' sound.   The ORIGINAL Aphex exciter implemented a frequency response & phase variation to the music giving it a characteristic sound.  Nowadays, we have wideband sound systems -- no need to punch through a narrow 4-7kHz AM audio bandwidth. (Yeah -- I know that some stations in the US could give you 10kHz, but the radios seldom could receive it.)

Attached is a 30sec example of Dont Sleep In the Subway.  Probably have to listen carefully until you learn to notice it.  Then -- the nasal sound becomes quite ugly.   I plan to release the program someday soon -- gonna try to do better to remove more of that nasal sound (it was good back in the day.)

The strongest examples of the 'nasal' sound are on the 'S'ess' and the HF percussion transients.

The 'unexcite' version is the attempted removal of the exciter sound.  It won't 'knock you over', but it is definitely an improvement.

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