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Hideing ISP addresses Software

I need to get a software that will hide my ISP address so I can download uncopyrighted  music without worry about getting sued. Which software would be best for that? I heard of Anonymizer Private Surfing but I think it only intergrates into the browser. That won't help me much for Kaza or Soulseek. Any recommendations or info is greatly appreciated!

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Hideing ISP addresses Software

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I'm not sure why you'd have problems getting sued over downloading uncopyrighted music........ but one program that is kind of interesting for blocking certain ip's from accessing your services (in case you're just not the sharing type ) is PeerGuardian.


Hideing ISP addresses Software

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heh-heh  . . . you don't get sued for downloading un-copyrighted material,
and, you don't get sued for downloading copyrighted material . . .
. . . you get arrested!   


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