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Re: YouTube Track Manager Discussion

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You can try replacing the problematical line (3415) with the following:
Code: [Select]
if (!cur_handle || !cur_handle.Compare(handle) || image && cov.cacheHit(i_x, image_path)) return;

Re: YouTube Track Manager Discussion

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Is there a way to store all found radio tracks (e.g. search result 'iSelect Radio - 163 Tracks') directly and in total in a playlist? Selecting Options -> Save Playlists -> RadioTracks just adds the played tracks to the newly created playlist, and the playlist 'Radio' lists max 25 of the total found tracks. 
I sometimes would like to do some manual adaptions to the identified tracks.

Re: YouTube Track Manager Discussion

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Try the 'iSelect / Save Soft Playlists' option if you're using the library 'iSelect' mode. You can then play directly from the playlists. For the standard radio modes, full lists aren't created up front. It's a dynamic load and the next track is searched for on load, obtaining more data from as and when required.

Re: YouTube Track Manager Discussion

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Great, thanks! I do not really understand how I have overseen the Soft Playlists option...

Re: YouTube Track Manager Discussion

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fb 1.6.4, SMP1.4.1, YTTM 1.4.3
YTTM on SMP crashes when search for similar song is done using pipe separator ('|') as necessary to separate artist and title. Omitting pipe separator is stable (however - of course - does not lead to the indended search result...).
Can anybody help here?

Code: [Select]
invalid array length

File: YouTube Track Manager.js
Line: 10, Column: 65
Stack trace:
  take@YouTube Track Manager.js:10:65
  Lfm_radio_tracks_search/this.Analyse@YouTube Track Manager.js:1153:34
  Lfm_radio_tracks_search/this.on_state_change@YouTube Track Manager.js:1056:50
  do_lfm_lib_radio_tracks_search/lfm_lib_search<@YouTube Track Manager.js:2405:81

YouTube Track Manager.js line 10:
Code: [Select]
take : (arr, ln) => {if (ln >= arr.length) return arr; else arr.length = ln > 0 ? ln : 0; return arr;},

Re: YouTube Track Manager Discussion

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Please confirm exactly where you are entering artist | title, i.e.
1) Search box near top of YTTM
2) Menu: New Radio > Search for Similar Songs
3) Shift+menu: choose > song lookup... (least likely)

Also please provide some artist | title combinations that give the error. Hopefully I'll then be able to reproduce the issue.

Re: YouTube Track Manager Discussion

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Did some more research on it:
- only talking about your option 2: New Radio -> Search for Similar Song
- for your Opion 1 (Search box near top of YTTM) no crashes appear
- Crashes can be switched on and off with the property
Code: [Select]
  " SYSTEM.Radio Range"
   If set to '0', New Radio -> Search for Similar Song (incl pipe separator) leads (on my side) to a 100% crash, if set to 1, no crash appears (100%)
  Not really sure what 'Radio Range' exactly does...
- search string does not matter as long it contains a pipe separator, for example ZZ Top | Tush

Hope you can reproduce...

Re: YouTube Track Manager Discussion

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" SYSTEM.Radio Range 0" is same as setting 'new radio > tracks > highly popular'

The next version has some interface improvements which should improve clarity.

The issue ought to be fixed by changing line 2088 as follows.

Code: [Select]
return range;
Code: [Select]
return Math.floor(range);

The fix will be in the next version.

Thanks for reporting.

Re: YouTube Track Manager Discussion

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Fix solves issue!
Great, thanks very much for that immediate help! Looking forward to the next update of this great plug-in.

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