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Issues with Dolby TrueHD + Atmos

Dolby Atmos™ was first developed as surround system for movie theaters to support optimal use of an unlimited number of speakers, up to a threedimensional audio room.

Since the release of the Blu-ray "Transformers: Age of Extinction", it is now also available for home theaters. A number of famous brands sells supporting players, amplifiers and additional equipment (the audio room has to be measured for optimal support).

On Blu-ray discs, the Atmos extension is usually included in TrueHD audio streams. Unfortunately, compatibility to PC software is limited. Software decoders with support for Atmos will most certainly not appear soon; but even ignoring this extension is not that simple: decoders for Dolby TrueHD audio tracks based on ffmpeg / libav libraries failed recognizing and decoding such tracks.

LAV Filters are able to ignore the Atmos extension since version 0.63.0; for AviSynth and VapourSynth, L-SMASH Works with Libav by the_weirdo should do the same since r733. Unfortunately, eac3to was not yet updated, and ffmpeg binaries are not yet known for certain to handle such streams either. That may improve in the future...


It is possible to build ffmpeg using libraries from the fork; but binaries are probably not available in public.

Also I wonder if it would be possible to find a stand-alone Atmos stripper for raw TrueHD audio tracks on RareWares' Others page some day...


Issues with Dolby TrueHD + Atmos

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L-SMASH Works with ffmpeg in r733 works too. The libav build of r733 was retracted due to build errors and crashes.

A disadvantage of LwLibavAudioSource can be that a quite large index file is built, so you may want to try if disabling it still works or goes out of memory instead.

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