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MKA files with DTS audio files

Hi, I have several DTS audio files, some in .dts files, some in .wav and some in .NRG and .bin ISO files. My doubt/questions about it are:

How can I know they are same the kind of files? I mean 5.1 DTS, or dual channel 48khz or something else.

If I put some of this files in an USB drive on my Blu Ray player, inside an MKA audio file, works flawless with the six channels separate, but I don't know how to make a full disc compilation file for music discs.
I put one file (wavs with dts extension) per .mka file to work, if I put more than one like a full disc, the player reproduce only the first one, and stop.
I'm using the mkmerge from mkvtoolnix.

Any help will be apreciated.

MKA files with DTS audio files

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OK I found some solutions. With the ISO files I ripped it with EAC and make the .cue, later in mkvmerge I add the first track and append the rest of the files so they keep all the disc toghether, add the .cue file and import and checkit in the chapter editor.
Later I put the cover scans, and voila, .mka ready to play in foobar and vlc with tracks and covers. I didn't test it with my BD player.
Now, I have some discs ripped in 6CH and 48Khz  this files, the mkvmerge seems don't recognize it...
Any ideas??

MKA files with DTS audio files

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I have no problem with .dts files and mkvmerge, what discs were these you ripped?

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