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Minibar Rendering Question

@ Curi0us_George:

When FB2K w/Minibar is running and I open a document in Adobe Reader (latest release 6.0.0) and then toggle fullscreen (CTRL + L) Minibar becomes a black rectangle.  The seekbar renders when it moves, buttons only render when you click on them, Minibar otherwise functions correctly, it just won't render its buttons.  Very repeatable on my system.

Question is: is this an Adobe anomoly or a potential issue with the way Minibar is rendering?

Environment: Foobar2000 v0.667, Minibar 0.6.b11.009, Windows 2000 SP3, IBM T21 Thinkpad (Intel PIII 800MHz)
Was that a 1 or a 0?

Minibar Rendering Question

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Probably an Acrobat Reader thing.  Its probably doing low-level painting, and messing up the standard painting of Always-On-Top windows.  I'm certainly not doing anything in my code to cause that.

Minibar Rendering Question

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Can I just check:

Is minibar supposed to work in ME or earlier or not?  The dll loads ok but the minibar is nowhere to be found.  Also in the preferences it just displays a blank page.

Please do a version for 9x.  There is a real buzz about this plugin and I want a go!

Minibar Rendering Question

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Can't.  I've had no success getting plugins to work on ANSI systems (excluding foo_addall, but that one's not really useful to anyone except people needing to test huge playlists).  I don't know why my plugins don't operate on 9x when compiled as ANSI.

Minibar Rendering Question

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shucks, thanks anyway 


Minibar Rendering Question

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C_G, also the Context-sort or whatever it was called works at least on Win98. Also foo_playlistfind's dll loads up, but the component itself wont work..
I hate this Win98..

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