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Title: x64 speex encoder?
Post by: AshenTech on 2009-08-13 06:54:57
well, this is the same story as the vorbis encoder, I use spx format for audio books alot(ones i make using textaloud and ones i rip from my own cd's) because the size to quility ratio is excelent.

Was wondering if anybody knows of a x64 windows speex encoder, The gains i have seen from vorbis and other audio codecs that have a native x64 encoder seem to justify somebody compiling one.

I would compile my own but 2 problems.

1. I dont own the intel compiler or visual studio

2. I wouldnt know where to start

If anybody out there has the skill and tools to compile a speex encoder in x64 please give it go and let us speex fans give it a test
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