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Title: adobe premiere question ...
Post by: dr.zick on 2006-12-31 03:00:31
ok ... i'm making this little video clip in premiere comprised of still images.  i have cropped the images in photoshop beforehand to 720x480 (which is the screensize of my premiere project).  when i export the video clip it looks all blurry (what it looks like is when photoshop has the pixel aspect correction turned on).  i've tried a handful of what i thought might solve the problem, but to no avail ... i tried setting up a project with a square pixel ratio, tried exporting as progressive scan, tried 0.9 pixel ratio, etc.  everytime i watch it windows media player though its blurry.  i don't know if its wmp's fault either.  for what its worth i'm gonna burn the clip onto a dvd and play it on a widescreen tv.  does anyone know if this will look correct on a dvd or not ???
i'm kinda under a deadline so i don't have time to burn and re-edit and reburn and repeat until it's perfect.  any thoughts would be appreciated.
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