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Title: Accurately Ripping an IMAGE which was accurately ripped
Post by: canadiandude on 2006-12-22 00:25:44
EDIT* I think this may have been poseted in the wrong subforum so I reposted elswere, Mods please delete

So I put Linkin Park Hybrid theory (which is a key disc) and configured my settings so that I got wav files which were accurately ripped. Then with the same settings, instead of ripping the tracks seperately I clicked make image and got a wav + CUE, then mounted this with DAEMON and when I open EAC (with the virtual drive selected) the accurate rip thing comes up saying that I have a key disc with an expected offset of 0, then I click then I click continue and I get an error telling me that the image does not match the one which is in the database.
Is this the right way to go about making an image which will rip correctly with AccurateRip,
then the next step is how do I this while Losslessly compressing the audio?
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