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Title: Exact Audio Copy v1.4
Post by: korth on 2020-02-06 22:00:12
Exact Audio Copy v1.4 has been released



- It is possible to use two command line encoders for compression
- The second compressor has separate file naming conventions
- The freedb++ plugin has been replaced by a MusicBrainz plugin (the official freedb will cease to exist)
- The cover downloader in the plugin has been updated to find again more images
- The lyrics downloader in the plugin has been made to work again
- The profiles data format has changed, but it is possible to load profiles from version 1.3
- Removed a problem with the metadata plugins, possibly crashing EAC at the end of a rip
- Fixed the problem of no length information (TLEN) in the last track if EAC writes the ID3V2 tag
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