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Title: "the sound of DAC's..." (specifically sony ps1)
Post by: budget_kipnis on 2018-02-26 03:35:24
Rolling back the clock to an old rumor...

https://www.destructoid.com/playstation-1-the-audiophile-s-dream--32269.phtml that certain models of the playstation 1 were considered comparable to $6000 CD players and it was an underground sensation for that reason...

It got me to thinking... how could one go about actually testing this theory?  I mean digital sound is digital sound - but where it turns analog, and especially any analog electronics between there and the output jacks can certainly have a sonic character, even if normally a subtle one.

So how could one best go about testing this?  I mean i'm aware that an A-B-X box would be required, but is there some kind of guide for what would be involved to extract the DAC board/electronics and hook it up as say a general purpose USB driven DAC or something off a PC, so you could more easily play and control all the test tones going through it, at least for listening tests...  I suppose you could use CDR's too, but if it could be just removed and turned into an external DAC i've got a pile of old PS1's with broken disc units in the garage I might turn into the finest dedicated converters for 7.1 output ever heard by the above logic.  :-P
Title: Re: "the sound of DAC's..." (specifically sony ps1)
Post by: saratoga on 2018-02-26 04:40:24
That is really dumb, but if you want to see what a PS1 can do, download RMAA, burn a test CD, and record the DACs output using a reasonable sound card with at least 17 bit line in. Then prepare to be underwhelmed :)
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