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Title: AMR player
Post by: alpha3on on 2003-07-12 00:11:06
Does anyone know of a gui decoder with slider and such for AMR codecs?
I found AMR sourcecode here:
ftp://ftp.3gpp.org/Specs/latest/R1999/26_...s/26073-330.zip (http://ftp://ftp.3gpp.org/Specs/latest/R1999/26_series/26073-330.zip)

UPDATE: I found the answer QuickTime supports it.

Would AMR be better or worse sounding then Speex?

UPDATE: it seems that GSM-AMR sounds better then Speex (at 8KHz) in the extremely low bitrate department (below 12 Kbit/s).
It seems that both Ogg and AAC-LC at 16KHz and 16Kbit/s rival ACELP.NET (Real spiro3 or microsoft ACELP.NET). Ogg sounds slightly better then AAC-LC and I think Real spiro3 sounds slightly better then Ogg.

NEW QUESTION: has someone got the source/binary for AMR-WB codec as opposed to the ASM-NB codec? I couldn't find it on the 3gpp site.
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