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Other Lossy Codecs / Re: Descript Audio Codec (.dac) - 90x smaller than .wav?
Last post by bennetng -
I am still using a 2015 GTX950 which has 1.88x speed of GT1030 according to some gaming benchmarks, but still slow. I mean, when this thing becomes feasible on consumer level then it could be used on streaming services and such, or before this happens I can already plug myself into The Matrix.

Probably much more interesting if they can make every 64kbps wma file sounds like lossless without cheating, like looking up on some existing lossless music catalogs to find the same song.
General Audio / Re: Why do DSF files not sound as good as the SACDs they were made from?
Last post by Lodum007 -
Thank you. I need to consider these notes further.

The tests were done independently as double-blind tests using Foobar2000 (using the ABX comparator).  The three people tested did not get tested at the same time and were not in the room where the test was done at the same time.

As regards how the Oppo plays back the media, I am not familiar with any option that would filter the SACD playback but not the DSF file playback.  (But this certainly would cause a perceived sonic difference if different filters are applied.  If there is any suggestion on how to determine a difference in Oppo playback filtering I'll try it out. )
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: Descript Audio Codec (.dac) - 90x smaller than .wav?
Last post by cid42 -
I'm going to go out on a limb and say it either sounds bad
Well you can test it ... ? Although the samples are not that interesting ...
Ever since the "64 kbps WMA sounds as good as 128 kbps mp3" stuff, I don't trust a codec developer to not cherrypick a codec implementation that's subpar for the opposing format or cherrypick samples, or otherwise be somewhat dishonest in things like this.

And it sounds like you currently need a nVidia GPU to work with this codec?  That's something I don't have to work with.

You're right to distrust 1st party benchmarks always.

The following is vague guessing because I only have vague awareness of the tech, so pinch of salt:

There appears to be a CPU and GPU mode so you can run on the CPU, but likely the GPU mode is CUDA which is proprietary nvidia lock-in tech. It may be possible for AMD GPU's to run the cuda code (or a reasonably simple port job of it to hip) using rocm. On the other hand the repo contains mostly python (albeit it does reference cuda), the readme makes reference to torchrun which is presumably pytorch and I know Pytorch works on AMD, so maybe it wouldn't take too much for AMD GPU's to work. intel dGPU's I have less of a clue, they have oneAPI that they're trying to push as an interoperable standard, and apparently can also do pytorch. If you have AMD/intel GPU's and want to try then godspeed, it's likely the way of pain even if it is possible.
FLAC / Re: FLAC v1.4.x Performance Tests
Last post by bennetng -
As a cheapskate using a budget quad core CPU I can use either -e or -p, but not both. Yes, these switches are simple enough so for a fast computer they may by chance improve some types of files significantly. -8ep is painfully slow on 24-bit files.

BTW, since WavPack got multithread I am more willing to use up to -x4 too.

Download link:!AvzB71jO7t0-gY1qXyHYew8N1nehTw
-8b8192 -A "subdivide_tukey(5);welch;hann;flattop"
127272408 bytes
24.63x realtime

128616781 bytes
1.75x realtime

Single thread time.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: EAC crashes on error - secure vs. burst mode?
Last post by JimLS -
Here's the first error screen.  I think there are some read errors on the first track.  (other CDs do it on later tracks). 

when I hit OK on that I get this:

When I hit OK the EAC closes with the drive locked.  I can restart EAC but the drive remains locked.  Only way to recover that I know of is to reboot.

General - (fb2k) / Re: Sort all playlists or Autosort
Last post by spuuunit -
I Selected all playlists in Playlist Manager, then hit Sort by..., then Save all. But it only seems to works for the "chosen" playlist (the one with blue text). Sort by... doesn't affect the selected ones. Otherwise great solution.