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General Audio / Re: Standard freqnecy content in high resolution containers?
Last post by NateHigs -
I am wondering if there is any point in having "standard" frequency audio content in a high resolution containers.

By standard frequency: I am thinking of any thing that could be stored in standard CD resolution, or yet that can be heard ... so frequencies up to 22.05 kHz.

There's no point in ultrasonic frequencies in any audio file, no matter the format.  For audio you only need audio frequencies. ;)  

And there's the possibility of negative side effects with ultrasonic (or subsonic) frequencies but it's usually not a problem.

Agreed, but depending on who you are, 'ultrasonics' is not well defined.
Validated News / Re: Server Moved
Last post by spoon -
Just ran various tests, from Germany (1000km from datacenter) the front page loads in 1 second, the hardware it runs on is identical.