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Support - (fb2k) / My foobar has been crashing for the past few months.
Last post by ProTofik -

I have been using foobar2000 as my default music player for probably more than 10 years now, and I listen to music for hours every day. I never had any issues until few months ago.

My foobar started crashing when listening to music few months ago. The timing seems random, sometimes few minutes into listening to music, sometimes after few hours, sometimes it goes fine for 2-3 days without any problem. I send crash report every time.

I'm on latest version v1.6.5. All my addons are up to date as well, as have always been the case over the past many years. I've used beta trouble-shooter on foobar website which recommend that I remove one plugin, which I did but crashes still occur.

Not really sure how to begin the troubleshooting process. Does foobar create any crash log anywhere I could analyse?

Normally I would start with reverting any recently introduced changes to my system, but it's a moving beast so who knows where to start. I haven't added any new addons. I probably upgraded foobar to latest version as I do every few months. I install Windows Updates, drivers updates, etc...
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by Fidde -
thank you Mojo. I see a lot of investigation and experimental work :) and proberly some fugh-ups lol.

Just tryied (bad spelling, sorry) you'r suggestion. It worked perfect, but gave me another question:
Is it taking the sound/video directly from youtube?
General Audio / Re: Codec / Encoder terminology
Last post by guruboolez -
A container is more a storage bag: you can put several files in different formats into one single container.
Matroska and MP4 are both containers. Into one single container, you can put:
• different audio files (stereo + multichannel for example; or also original soundtrack + dubbed soundtrack + commentary; lossless and lossy…)
• one or more video file
• subtitles (image or text)
• metadata
• additional files (jpeg…)

General Audio / Re: Codec / Encoder terminology
Last post by Porcus -
FLAC both has a codec for the audio stream, but also a file format. Not the audio stream is specified, but also the file that contains it. This is so much nitpickery that everyday speak is not consistent though.

Also MP3 has a file format. But a FLAC stream or an MP3 stream may be fit into a different containers than their own file types - like Matroska. Matroska is a multimedia format that can have some video stream [in some video codec] and some audio stream in [some audio codec].

AAC is most commonly delivered in an MP4 container. The ".m4a" is just a naming convention that most applications happen to recognize. Apple's ALAC (lossless!) is hardly ever seen outside MP4, although it is possible to fit it into Matroska just for the hell of it.

It is not common to speak about uncompressed PCM audio as "codec". But they surely are "audio streams", and to end-users, they are most commonly delivered in a WAVE (.wav) or an AIFF container (as long as we are talking audio-only: a Blu-Ray disc has PCM audio). If you know that the WAVE format is a container, you know more than a bunch of nutjob "audiophiles" who insist that .wav or .aif or .aiff is the "pure, unprocessed" audio stream - that claim is both wrong and irrelevant.
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: exhale - Open Source xHE-AAC encoder
Last post by C.R.Helmrich -
I have unfinished test of older version exhale 1.1.0, SBR, 44.1 vs 48 kHz @ ~ 48 kbps.
48kHz helps a lot actually even  at 48 kbps.
Code: [Select]
	48 kbps , exhale 1.1.0					
MOS (Mean Opinion Score) 2.78 2.48 2.97 3.03 2.33 3.53

min 1.3 1.3 1.3 1.8 1.5 2.8
Great, thanks a lot for this info! If you or anyone else ever ends up being bored in the near future, I'd be extremely curious to see this test being completed :)

Regarding the DR discussion: don't know that that "Official DR Value" in the spreadsheet means, but the loudness range in EBU R128 resp. ITU-R BS.1770-4 seems to be one of the most accurate and standardized ways of measuring such information.

Oh, and in case you're wondering: my latest change to the exhale source code shouldn't change exhale's behavior.

General - (fb2k) / Re: ReplayGain Newbie
Last post by Apesbrain -
ReplayGain is designed to be applied across your entire library.  It will bring playback of all files -- soft and loud -- to the target level.  You can load your music library into foobar2000 and "Scan as albums (by tags)" in order to write ReplayGain tags to each file.  (You may want to start with a subset of your collection just to confirm you get what you expect.)  Set Kodi to use RG "Album values", enable "clipping protection", and don't mess with the target dB levels.  I am not familiar with everyday use of Kodi, but with my music server if I change/add RG values I then need to rescan my library for changes before the new values take effect.  Remember, the RG values are tags (which means that you can remove RG via foobar2000 at any time without changing the audio quality of your files.)

If you're not comfortable with this, just amplify your SACD-derived FLAC files by +6 dB and re-save them.  This is easy enough to do with Audacity in batch mode and should approximately match your library average which likely has been affected by the "Loudness War" and the reason why these new files sound quiet to you.
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