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Widgets not working

I'm usung Foobar2000 all my PC-life  :)
A few days ago I found out Foobar2000 for Android. Awesome! The player works fine, but all of widgets not working- it's not being added on desktop of my phone. I've Huawei Honor 10 lite with Android 9.
Please fix it, we (your users))) really need it :-[
sorry for my english

Re: Widgets not working

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Support? pls((

Re: Widgets not working

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I'm resurrecting this thread as the problem is now a year old and still recurring. I have just installed the mobile version on 3 different Android phones and widgets will not install on any of the devices. These phones are all Huawei phones, running Android 6 through 9.  As the original poster also had a Huawei phone, is it possible that there is some restriction unique to Huawei phones?

Re: Widgets not working

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There's no supports 😒

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