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Topic: change balloon tip to indicate last song in playlist being played (Read 1631 times) previous topic - next topic
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change balloon tip to indicate last song in playlist being played

Not sure where this falls in...

I've set Foobar2000 to display the icon in the notification area.

also I've checked "display balloon tooltip on song change".

I was wondering if there is any way that when the last song on the playlist is being played can the balloon tooltip be configured to indicate that this is the last song on the playlist or album?

Something like changing the colour of the balloon. Something that will indicate at a glance that another album or playlist needs to be loaded.

This would be useful if the Foobar2000 window was in the background or minimized so that it is not immediately obvious that the last song is being played.




change balloon tip to indicate last song in playlist being played

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well i doubt you can change the background color of the standard popup balloon notification.
you could check out the component foo_prettypop though.
i have used it briefly and had liked it.
You can set the background color, make it look pretty and stuff but i doubt you can have dynamic background colors for the popup box, like suddenly displaying the box with red background color becuz it is the last track in the playlist.

As for any technique of notification you choose, instead of changing background color of the notification, you could use some title formatting to display the font in a different color and maybe, if possible, in bold.
or simply just append the text string: "LAST TRACK!!!"

If i was quick in title-formatting i would have passed you the code right now but give it a try yourself, you will basically need these (as per my current deduction) other than %artist%, %title%, %album%, %length% ofcourse:
> $ifequal(n1,n2,then,else)
> %list_total% & %list_index% (compare these 2 and see if equal)
if equal then it is the last track:
> $rgb(r,g,b) (to set the color of the text)
> $set_font(font_name,size,style) (i am not sure if this will work but you can try it and set the font in bold)
if you think need something more then check out the wiki:

but what if your playing tracks in random sequence?
some other logic will be required.
now figure the sequence and coding.
i could, maybe later.
give it a try though.

EDIT: well! i gave it a try. i tried something as simple as:
$ifequal(%list_index%,%list_total%,last,not last)
but after awhile i realized that %list_total% & %list_index% are usable only for the playlist display formatting (i.e. only for the playlist columns).
So, i guess, titleformatting won't help either since there's no way i see with which we can obtain the playlist item count statistics.

oh well... it was fun while it lasted.
maybe someone else can bump this thread with an appropriate solution in the future.