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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / [COMPONENT REQUESTS] Vectorscope (X/Y oscilloscope) and Enhanced Oscilloscope
Last post by TF3RDL -
A vectorscope or X/Y oscilloscope visualization would be cool to have as a foobar2000 component, without having to use foo_dsp_vst3 (nor even Winamp visualizations wrapper foo_vis_shpeck, not even foo_vis_milk2) just for this analyzer and have also be integrated as a Default UI element or Columns UI panel, not just a floating window, something like this:

Also, I wanted the better version of a built-in oscilloscope visualization that I can set the length to display to anything below 100ms and the display isn't downsampled (displays all samples within the specified length), and have optional time (samples)/amplitude (dB) grids and labels on it like this:

BTW, this request for having two components (one for better oscilloscope, and another for vectorscope or X/Y oscilloscope) is to complete the analysis-oriented visualizations (aka. WaveLab metering but in media players) for foobar2000 audio player (even though foobar2000 itself is not a DAW obviously even with foo_dsp_vst3 and additional analysis-oriented visualizations like Enhanced Spectrum analyzer and Loudness Peakmeter) and it doesn't have to be @Crossover to make one, and these two components I've requested anyone to make should handle more than 2 channels (up to 18 channels as defined by WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE) unlike the relevant CodePen project (which mockup images are made from, and this project doesn't work well on audio files with more than 2 channels)
Uploads / Re: lossy wav compressor
Last post by MihaiPopa12346 -
hi everybody.. this is my second post in this forum..
this is lossy wav compressor. metallica greatest hits song in mp3 (download from with size 104 mb then i convert that mp3 file to wav using with wav result 686 mb. then i compressed that wav file with rubicwav, the result is 118 mb in 57.624 s.
here is the screenshot about rubicwav usage and rubicwav itself
Hmm... post the source code as a archive and I will see what's going on!
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by sveakul -
Case, I think you're being overly scientific  ;)  A "FYI" visual reference can have meaning in the fact that it gives perspective as to how applied user effects have "affected" a heretofore original signal.  No scientific analysis sought or expected.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Using the HDCD decoder component
Last post by Tony Hubcaps -
Thank you.
Scan does indicate Peak Extension present.
I don't get the option "Enable additional decoding" (pretty sure my install is more or less upto date),
but I did find some code to paste into the display preferences so now the status bar does indeed indicate
HDCD detected and that the file is playing as 24 bit.

Now to rip some discs and have a proper listen.