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Bug report: shortcuts

There is a bug when trying to set up shortcuts. When I try to set a command to a key that is already a shortcut, then foobar instead executes that shortcut and the input never ends in the field.

For example: my command for "Play/Pause" is F10. "Next track" is F11 and "Previous track" is F9. If I wanted to move the whole row of shortcuts one to the side and started by setting "Previous track" to F10, that would not work without first changing the "Play/Pause" shortcut.

Re: Bug report: shortcuts

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The only solution would either be for every shortcut to have an enable checkbox, or for the preferences dialog to disable all shortcuts while that page is open so they don't activate.

Re: Bug report: shortcuts

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Sorry for the late reply, I must have missed the notification.
Those two options are not the only ones. While I would personally like it if shortcuts would be disabled while setting new ones, it would also be okay if the shortcut worked, but it *also* would get captured in the menu so the user can reassign the key.

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