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Item Details Panel help needed

Hi guys, after nearly a decade away i've decided to do some more work to a skin i was working on way back.
I've just run into an issue with the ID panel, i'm trying to set up an IF= ALBUM ARTIST,ARTIST,no return,ALBUM ARTIST line
For testing i'm using;
Code: [Select]
$ifequal(%album artist%,%artist%,YES,NO)$crlf()
AA %album artist% | A %artist%

The return is what has me confused,
If 'album artist' and 'artist' tag fields match, YES returns, that's fine, if i had no issues beyond that, i'd just remove it and make the NO; %album artist%.
However, if the track's AlbArtst field is empty ID will allow "%album artist%" to read/pull from the Artist/%artist% field.

this is the return on a track with Artist filled, Album Artist not;
Code: [Select]
AA Nine Inch Nails | A Nine Inch Nails

This is the return on a track with both fields filled and matching
Code: [Select]
AA Linkin Park | A Linkin Park

And this is one with both fields filled but different
Code: [Select]
AA Eminem | A Cas$his

But i can't get a NO return, which is what i want
If AA and A match, then no return, otherwise name the AA

Changing the track's %artist% tag and saving instantly reflects in the ID Panel where %album artist% is called.
I've combed through foobar and the 4-5 Stack Splitters the ID panel is within, but i can't find whatever i must be looking for in the way of some kinda 'FIND album artist, if nothing FIND artist' command or line, i also don't know how %album artist% came to be the only 'tag caller' with a space in it, anything else is last_played, play_counter, album_version etc.
Thank you for taking the time to read :)

Re: Item Details Panel help needed

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Apologies if i haven't added enough info about my setup, i feel like this might be a core setting i need to change, or a line within
The Item Details Panel is being used in Columns UI - Horizonal Splitter>Panel Stack x4>

Re: Item Details Panel help needed

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From the syntax reference:
$ifequal(A,B,C,D)       If the number A is equal to the number B, executes/returns C, otherwise executes/returns D.

$ifequal is not used for comparing strings, it's used for comparing numbers. Also, when comparing %album artist% to %artist% it's best to use $meta. Try it like this:

Code: [Select]
$if($strcmp($meta(album artist),$meta(artist)),YES,NO)

Re: Item Details Panel help needed

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I must have never gotten around to checking if it only worked for numbers, i could have sworn i had used it for words before but obviously not, i'll have a toy with what you've suggested and report how it goes. thank you! :)

Re: Item Details Panel help needed

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Yeah that's working fine now, has also helped with some other presets i was working on, thank you again.

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