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FLAC / Re: New FLAC compression improvement
Last post by ktf -
Some unscientific numbers for 29 random CD format albums:
I was shocked to see that the difference between flake and this new LPC analysis method was so small, but I just realised that is probably because flake uses a smaller padding block by default. I tried to get CUEtools.Flake working here, but for some reason I can't. Wombat, can you check whether padding is indeed smaller with CUEtools.Flake? If there are no tracks longer than 20 minutes in your test, the difference should be 4096 bytes per track.
General Audio / Re: Good requantizers?
Last post by rutra80 -
Do you want PCM requantization or compression?  If the former, Sox is a good choice, but there are many other options too.  If you want compression, FLAC or MP3 have better compression than DPCM. 
I want requantization, not compression. Especially reduction to 8-14 bits.

I know about sox but it mostly does dithering (with noise shaping), I'm interested in other methods with as little noise as possible (or at least having adaptive requantization and noise shaping like lossyWAV, but I'm unable to output 8 bit PCM with it).
DPCM sounds very impressive but it decodes to 16bit PCM and after decoding I see more bits in use than selected.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: 1.6.7 beta 8 => Exclusive=> Unrecoverable playback error: Unsupported format ! !
Last post by A_Man_Eating_Duck -
Actually not fixed. when i play a song after opening foobar2000 I get the following error.

Code: [Select]
Opening track for playback: "D:\Music\xxxxxxx Music\Singles\C\City and Colour - Rain When I Die.m4a"
Unrecoverable playback error: Unsupported format

but when i try and play the track again it works. If i close foobar2000 and reopen it will behave the same way, error on first play and work on the second play.

Code: [Select]
Core (2021-06-17 18:18:26 UTC)
    foobar2000 core 1.6.7 beta 8
foo_albumlist.dll (2021-06-17 18:17:54 UTC)
    Album List 1.6.7 beta 8
foo_bitcompare.dll (2021-03-04 04:26:38 UTC)
    Binary Comparator 2.2
foo_cdda.dll (2021-06-17 18:17:54 UTC)
    CD Audio Decoder 1.6.7 beta 8
foo_converter.dll (2021-06-17 18:17:54 UTC)
    Converter 1.6.7 beta 8
foo_dop.dll (2020-02-02 17:28:14 UTC)
    iPod manager 0.7.2
foo_dsp_eq.dll (2021-06-17 18:17:54 UTC)
    Equalizer 1.2.2
foo_dsp_meiercf.dll (2018-01-06 10:27:18 UTC)
    Meier Crossfeed 1.1.1
foo_dsp_std.dll (2021-06-17 18:17:54 UTC)
    Standard DSP Array 1.6.7 beta 8
foo_facets.dll (2011-08-18 20:06:16 UTC)
    Facets 1.0
foo_fileops.dll (2021-06-17 18:17:58 UTC)
    File Operations 1.6.7 beta 8
foo_freedb2.dll (2021-06-17 18:17:54 UTC)
    Online Tagger 0.8
foo_headphone_eq.dll (2020-08-07 04:16:30 UTC)
    MathAudio Headphone EQ 1.4.4
foo_input_monkey.dll (2019-11-19 22:13:18 UTC)
    Monkey's Audio Decoder 2.3.1
foo_input_std.dll (2021-06-17 18:18:04 UTC)
    FFmpeg Decoders 4.3.1
    Standard Input Array 1.6.7 beta 8
foo_musicbrainz.dll (2021-05-12 01:09:18 UTC)
    MusicBrainz Tagger 0.4.7
foo_onewaysync.dll (2020-04-20 11:19:28 UTC)
    One Way Sync 0.7.0
foo_rgscan.dll (2021-06-17 18:17:58 UTC)
    ReplayGain Scanner 1.6.7 beta 8
foo_simplaylist.dll (2011-08-18 20:01:36 UTC)
    SimPlaylist 1.0
foo_ui_std.dll (2021-06-17 18:18:08 UTC)
    Default User Interface 1.6.7 beta 8
foo_unpack.dll (2021-06-17 18:18:08 UTC)
    ZIP/GZIP/RAR/7-Zip Reader 1.6.7 beta 8
foo_verifier.dll (2020-07-01 22:34:34 UTC)
    File Integrity Verifier 1.4
foo_wave_minibar_mod.dll (2021-05-09 04:15:18 UTC)
    Waveform Minibar (mod) 1.0.45
FLAC / Re: New FLAC compression improvement
Last post by kode54 -
The hotlinking is broken because the link is http and the forum is https, and any browser which enforces security rules will block http resources, rather than downgrade the page security.
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