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CD Hardware/Software / Can EAC compress WAV files that have tags and add the tags to the MP3?
Last post by Warmbeers -
I ripped a couple dozen CDs in EAC to WAV files before i figured out how to get them to convert to MP3 at the same time, so I tried Mp3tag for the first time.  It added tags to my wav files - great.  Now i want EAC to compress those files to MP3s, which it does easily with drag and drop but i also want the tags to be carried along, which it does not.  I have Add ID3 tag checked in the External Compression tab of Compression options but that does not seem to help.
Do i have to go back to Mp3tag with the MP3s or is there a way to get EAC to carry over the tags during compression?
Any suggestions appreciated, or even if you know what i want is not possible would be good to know.
Polls / Re: 2021 Format poll [Lossy Formats]
Last post by Mark7 -
I'm using qaac (tvbr 91) for my car with applied replaygain. I'm also using qaac for audiobooks (mono and tvbr 36). I used to use mp3 V2 and V9 for that.
I still use musepack -5 for devices that support it, like my phone and rockboxed sansa zip clip. But i might replace it by qaac for convinience, even though i think musepack might still be slightly better.
Aac has completely replaced mp3 for me.
Support - (fb2k) / [feature request or bug]
Last post by horvoje -
When I add new item to details list, it can be only one row.
Previously it could be multirow.
This is bad because I used it to save TRACKLIST of DJ sets. Now I cannot do this with latest version of foobar2000
Polls / Re: 2021 Format poll [Lossy Formats]
Last post by ManekiNeko -
Apple TVBR 73 Highest Quality (slowest encode) AAC mp4. For convenience, codec support/compatibility and efficiency, I’ve been impressed by the compression vs quality that I’m reconverting my entire lossless album images.
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