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  • marderchen
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Re: foo_httpcontrol
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the defauld is a cute one.. but don't like white, so have changed colors..

looks like this

have changed the directory from /default to /MEOW
have changed the files: <-config file <-control html repost caused wrong file link =^.^= <- browse html
MEOW have fun! =^.^=

  • frogworth
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Re: foo_httpcontrol
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I'm having trouble with PlayingCommand... I think.
I have a "Run Command" which works fine on the command line, but I can't seem to make it work through foo_httpcontrol.
It's fairly esoteric (although essential to my workflow): adding the current playing track to a specific playlist.

The full syntax should be like:
Code: [Select]
(assuming I'm adding the track to a playlist called My Playlist).
The equivalent commandline command does work:
Code: [Select]
foobar2000.exe /runcmd-playing="Edit Other/Add to Playlist/MyPlaylist"

For the http version I've urlencoded the spaces and slashes, so I feel it ought to work. Any suggestions?

  • jadeboy
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Re: foo_httpcontrol - Status isPlaying
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How do I determine a sound is playing?

  • zeremy
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Re: foo_httpcontrol
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How do I determine a sound is playing?

Command syntax: http://>ip<[:<port>]/installed_template_name/?cmd=Parse&param1=[IS_PLAYING]

It will return 0 or 1 (not_playing/playing).

  • frogworth
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Re: foo_httpcontrol
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Still having trouble with the PlayingCommand above. The Console says simply:
foo_httpcontrol error: command PlayingCommand failed

As a really simple (amusing) check, running:
Code: [Select]
actually results in the track being copied to my Windows clipboard! So "PlayingCommand" as such works.

But with that slightly deeper menu command above, it errors out without any suggestion as to why.
I've tried no urlencoding, selected urlencoding, wrapping the command in double quotes... but no dice.

Any suggestions? Bueller?