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foo_dsp_delta (noise sharpening) sample?

I experiment a lot with different codecs, filters and settings, etc, and this component has always drawn my attention. I've had it for a long time now and always enabled it, and people seem to love its apparently huge effects, but when I test myself I just can't actually tell a difference with it enabled or disabled. I don't readily hear any difference nor do I really know what specifically to listen for when nothing obvious presents itself, or what kind of sound it affects most. Information about it is limited to the frequently repeated "it adds noise in the inaudible range to increase resolution in the audible range" mantra and that's about it.

Could someone please give me a music sample in 2 files, one with and one without noise sharpening, where you feel the advantage of the plugin is perfectly obvious, as a demonstration? Thanks a ton.

Sidenote: please just pick a track without singing... I love vocalizing choirs and such but I just can't stand listening to singers singing lyrics in about 99.99% of cases... Other than that, it doesn't matter much, though if you send me something a la videogame or movie music I'll enjoy listening to the test file more :D


Re: foo_dsp_delta (noise sharpening) sample?

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"it adds noise in the inaudible range to increase resolution in the audible range"
No. It boosts high frequencies. Or you are confusing foo_dsp_delta with some other component.
I'm talking about foo_dsp_delta aka noise sharpening. As for the mantra:
The people discussing it don't seem to know themselves...

Re: foo_dsp_delta (noise sharpening) sample?

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The quote from Garf isn't about noise sharpening but noise shaping. Old foobar2000 before 0.9 series had multiple dither options (no dither, triangular noise shaping, strong ATH noise shaping and soft ATH noise shaping). This is what the discussion is about.

Either way I attached two samples that show how Noise Sharpening can affect the sound. Sharpened one has much more high frequency content and sounds brighter.

PS: I have a related component called Vocal Exciter that high frequency friends can try. I made it on request from an Audacity effect with the same name.

Re: foo_dsp_delta (noise sharpening) sample?

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Thanks Case :)

Honestly I can hardly tell a difference. At most I think I hear a bit more "body" to some of the sounds, they sound fuller or more defined, similar to what I get when I add a tiny bit of reverb, or a subtle tone being added to a simple sinus tone. But I can barely tell...

I'm not an audio expert and my hearing is known not to be the greatest :P

I'm gonna keep trying to figure out if this component is really for me or not, seems likely right now that I'll just give it up and lose nothing.

Thanks guys

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