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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by TheQwertiest -
Are you sure it is %playback_time% and not %length%  that displays "?"
Yes, of course it is %length% >_<"""
Off-Topic / Re: Educational Achievements of Audiophiles
Last post by polemon -
Some of us have met in person over the years. I see no need to divulge personal information to a public forum. I know who to trust, and who not to trust.

If you have trouble deciding that for yourself, or if you have trouble conversing with people on here in general, then it's your personal problem.

Do I have something to hide? Yes, and lots of it: Personal information about my family, children, etc. as well as my job and information about me and my employer. I won't risk any of that for a troll, disrupting a community which is otherwise pretty reasonable, and has been for many years.

I'd urge everyone to be very cautious about divulging information about themselves, their degrees or their employment. In my case, this could mean I'd lose my job, so just be careful.
My! Those guys needn't us "remonstrating" their with shoddy, make-believe claims.
They need professional help!
Crap! I clicked on "quote" instead of "modify". Sorry admins, could one of you delete this, please?
My! Those guys needn't us "remonstrating" against their shoddy, make-believe claims.

They need professional help!
Sounds like a prime use case for LossyWAV + FLAC.

With the record levels and gain: Note that when you record at a low input level, and then increase the volume later, you'll end up increasing the noise level, too. I suggest tweaking the recording setup, such that the levels are correct, or at least better, etc.

If you do this on a regular basis, etc. you might wanna have a look at SoX. It is my de-facto standard tool for audio batch processing. I'm pretty sure there are GUIs available for it, but I'm not familiar with them, I just use the command line.

You didn't say how many channels are recorded, I assume it is stereo (two channels). In case you record with just one microphone, make sure you only use one channel, etc. I've seen recorders default to dual-mono, etc.

SoX can do companding, as @pdq said:
The OP should probably look for a means of dynamic range compression rather than just increasing the gain, preferably range compression during recording.
Doing range compression during recording is preferable, but it's also possible to do it in post.

Check the man page, and search for "compand".

SoX also supports multi-band companding (command: "mcompand"), which is a little more complex, but after some playing around you'll probably find settings that work OK for you.

You can adjust loudness and gain similarly.

If you have time to spare, experiment a bit with FLAC compression levels, might as well try flac -8e, etc. LossyWAV also has a bunch of settings to try out, etc.
Audio Hardware / Re: Which RCA input to use, 700mv or 900mv?
Last post by Nikaki -
Thanks, everyone!
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by zeremy -

I think I've encountered another bug:
Some videos return empty %playback_time% (i.e. equal to '?' after eval).
Examples of problematic videos:

Regression happened somewhere between v2.0.2 (correct value) and and v2.1 (no value).

Could not test with v2.0.3 since it's link on is dead (it is dead for v2.0.2 as well)

Are you sure it is %playback_time% and not %length%  that displays "?"
AAC  displays "?" for %length%.

Simple js test panel

Code: [Select]
// Use with GdiDrawText() 
var DT_CENTER = 0x00000001;
var DT_VCENTER = 0x00000004;
var DT_WORDBREAK = 0x00000010;
var DT_CALCRECT = 0x00000400;
var DT_NOPREFIX = 0x00000800;

// Used in window.GetColorCUI()
var ColorTypeCUI = {
    text: 0,
    selection_text: 1,
    inactive_selection_text: 2,
    background: 3,
    selection_background: 4,
    inactive_selection_background: 5,
    active_item_frame: 6

// Used in window.GetFontCUI()
var FontTypeCUI = {
    items: 0,
    labels: 1

// Used in window.GetColorDUI()
var ColorTypeDUI = {
    text: 0,
    background: 1,
    highlight: 2,
    selection: 3

// Used in window.GetFontDUI()
var FontTypeDUI = {
    defaults: 0,
    tabs: 1,
    lists: 2,
    playlists: 3,
    statusbar: 4,
    console: 5

// Used in window.SetCursor()
var IDC_HAND = 32649;

var g_is_default_ui = window.InstanceType;
var g_font = null;
var g_text = "";
var g_text2 = "";
var ww = 0, wh = 0;
var g_textcolor = 0, g_textcolor_hl = 0;
var g_backcolor = 0;
var g_hot = false;

function get_font() {
    if (g_is_default_ui) { // DUI
        g_font = window.GetFontDUI(FontTypeDUI.defaults);
    } else { // CUI
        g_font = window.GetFontCUI(FontTypeCUI.items);

function get_colors() {
    if (g_is_default_ui) { // DUI
        g_textcolor = window.GetColorDUI(ColorTypeDUI.text);
        g_textcolor_hl = window.GetColorDUI(ColorTypeDUI.highlight);
        g_backcolor = window.GetColorDUI(ColorTypeDUI.background);
    } else { // CUI
        g_textcolor = window.GetColorCUI(ColorTypeCUI.text);
        g_textcolor_hl = window.GetColorCUI(ColorTypeCUI.text);
        g_backcolor = window.GetColorCUI(ColorTypeCUI.background);

function on_size() {
    ww = window.Width;
    wh = window.Height;

function on_paint(gr) {
    gr.FillSolidRect(0, 0, ww, wh, g_backcolor);
    gr.GdiDrawText(g_text + "\n" + g_text2, g_font, g_hot ? g_textcolor_hl : g_textcolor, 0, 0, ww, wh, DT_VCENTER | DT_CENTER | DT_WORDBREAK | DT_CALCRECT | DT_NOPREFIX);

function on_mouse_lbtn_up(x, y) {

function on_mouse_move() {
    if (!g_hot) {
        g_hot = true;

function on_mouse_leave() {
    if (g_hot) {
        g_hot = false;

function on_font_changed() {

function on_colors_changed() {

function on_playback_time(){
    g_text = fb.TitleFormat("%playback_time%").Eval();
    g_text2 = fb.TitleFormat("%length%").Eval();
Its a heck of an effect. Try an audio fashion jewelry show sometime, its even funnier.
I had enough laughs when I looked up his MP-1. Might've cut it back in the '40s but two huge boxes and 16 valves just for a pre-amp? Even Mullard's didn't need half that many back in the '50s.