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Support - (fb2k) / Help, Cursor follows playback is misbehaving.
Last post by TuNk77 -
As the title says, I would like some help with "cursor follows playback" since it is misbehaving.
By misbehaving I mean that "cursor follows playback" does not land the highlighted track in the middle of the playlist, as I expect it to,
the highlighted track is either on the top of the playlist or on the bottom.

Sometimes it helps to restart foobar2000, but it can take several restarts to make it behave normally.

This issue is present in foobar2000 v1.3.17 and v1.4 beta 15.

I did a clean portable install and the issue still persist.

The only component I installed is foo_playcount v3.0.2.
Then I made a new theme in the scratchbox and applied it.

Code: [Select]
Core (2018-05-25 06:30:34 UTC)
    foobar2000 core 1.4 beta 15
foo_albumlist.dll (2018-05-25 06:29:58 UTC)
    Album List 4.6
foo_cdda.dll (2018-05-25 06:30:02 UTC)
    CD Audio Decoder 3.0
foo_converter.dll (2018-05-25 06:30:04 UTC)
    Converter 1.5.3
foo_dsp_eq.dll (2018-05-25 06:29:52 UTC)
    Equalizer 1.2.1
foo_dsp_std.dll (2018-05-25 06:29:52 UTC)
    Standard DSP Array 1.3.1
foo_fileops.dll (2018-05-25 06:29:56 UTC)
    File Operations 2.3
foo_freedb2.dll (2018-05-19 08:06:46 UTC)
    Online Tagger 0.7
foo_input_std.dll (2018-05-25 06:30:32 UTC)
    FFmpeg Decoders 3.2.4
    Standard Input Array 1.0
foo_playcount.dll (2018-05-26 18:17:53 UTC)
    Playback Statistics 3.0.2
foo_rgscan.dll (2018-05-25 06:29:58 UTC)
    ReplayGain Scanner 2.3
foo_ui_std.dll (2018-05-25 06:30:14 UTC)
    Default User Interface 0.9.5

Here is a link to my theme

Screenshots of the behavior:

advancing to next track:

I am using foobar2000 on Windows 7 x64, 8 GB RAM, Intel 4460i5 CPU

Ant help and suggestion would be appreciated.
Opus / Re: Opus frequency notching at 15.5 kHz
Last post by maikmerten -
Note that Opus splits audio into frequency bands and distributes bits along those. I imagine those bands to be "buckets" that bits can be allocated to.

The complete range from 15600 to 20000 Hz is coded in one "bucket" - band 20 to be more precise (c.f. table 55 in Apparently the psychoacoustic model in Opus determined that while some energy is needed in this band, the detailed structure wasn't of high importance compared to the other bands. Thus the band was filled  somewhat uniformly, which is why things from 15600 to 20000 Hz look somewhat flat.

MP3 - General / Re: How to install new LAME version?
Last post by drisc32 -
OK, i just installed "Free Encoder Pack 2018-05-22" . Now my foobar directory has the "encoders" folder plus the old LAME folder i had created years ago. Will foobar automatically go for the LAME in the encoders folder?
Opus / Re: Opus frequency notching at 15.5 kHz
Last post by GeezerHz -
The behaviour is simply due to Opus "making stuff up" above 15.6 kHz at that bitrate. This saves many bits that can be used to make the encoded file sound better and it's hard to hear the difference because the ear isn't very sensitive at that frequency. The encoder *could* code that band better, but it would require many bits (taken from lower frequencies) and the result would likely be worse.

Thank you. I wasn't trying to "listen with my eyes" as I mentioned that my hearing above 16 kHz sucks and I can't ABX the 96 kbps Opus file. This was just to try and understand how the codec is working, and to see if I could investigate why some golden ears can ABX Opus up to 160 kbps. Seeing that roll off at 15.5 kHz got me to wondering because it looks like the energy "saved" by that roll off is more than offset by the extra energy between about 17 kHz and 19.5 kHz, where the Opus file has more energy than the source. My rudimentary knowledge had me thinking that if that extra energy could be used to keep the energy between 15.5 kHz and 17 kHz similar to the source material, it might make it more difficult for golden ears to ABX Opus at this bitrate and above. However, that's assuming the relative energy of various frequency bands is what they're hearing. It could be other effects.
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