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  • General Audio

    General audio discussion. All topics which don't fit to other forums should go here.

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    Re: What does rr3% mean? by j7nLast post:

  • Validated News

    Discuss current news items. Post new items in News Submissions.

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    Re: Photobucket is no... by kode54Last post:

  • News Submissions

    Submit news for validation. Validated news will appear in the "Validated News"-section and on the front page.

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    Re: MP3 abandoned by ... by fufloLast post:

  • Polls

    Make your voice heard in the Hydrogenaudio Polls.

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    Re: Why can we not bi... by MakakiLast post:

  • Site Related Discussion site discussion. Feedback, suggestions, problems etc. related to the the site and forums.

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    Locking threads after... by A_Man_Eating_DuckLast post:

  • Listening Tests

    Discussion of listening test results, techniques and arrangements.

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    Re: Blind test of liv... by Arnold B. KruegerLast post:

  • Scientific Discussion

    Discussion of psychoacoustic phenomena and models, coding architectures and algorithms, and other general DSP related subjects.

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    Re: The preservation ... by NowhkLast post:

  • Uploads

    This is the forum for regular members to upload files for use by others. takes no responsibility for the content that may be present here, but states that any misuse of this forum, as deemed by the staff, may result in revocation of the offending users account. Acceptable content includes freely and legally distributable data of the following types: audio programs, audio samples (under 30 second clips), misc. audio related data, or other utilities which are immediately relevant to the community.

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    A Pandora spokesman a... by boisterouslyLast post:

Knowledgebase Project

Lossy Audio Compression

Lossless Audio Compression

Digital Audio/Video

CD-R and Audio Hardware

  • CD Hardware/Software

    Discussion of CD-ROM/-R/-RW/DVD-hardware, copying, ripping and burning of CD media, EAC, CDex, Plextools etc.

    Moderator: Pio2001

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    Drive for EAC by KantiloLast post:

  • Audio Hardware

    Discussion of Audio Hardware, Soundcards, Hi-Fi equipment, stand-alone CD players, portable MP3 players, headphones etc.

    Moderator: Pio2001

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    Re: Headphone fit by JabbaThePrawnLast post:

  • Vinyl

    Discussion of playback and recording of vinyl records, turntables, and related hardware.

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    Re: new turntable by AtmasphereLast post:

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  • Off-Topic

    All things "Other".. whatever doesn't fit somewhere else, goes here.

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    FRACK! HD580 cable fi... by kode54Last post:

  • Recycle Bin

    The trashcan of HydrogenAudio. These posts represent the kind of messages we wouldn't like to see any more. These include: trolls, offensive, zealotry, spam and other useless and redundant messages.

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    [TOS#8] Foobar v1.3.1... by ALEX0512Last post:

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