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mp3Gain 0.6.3 Beta

Yeah, that's kind of an odd number jump from the last public release (0.5.1). I had lots of internal temporary changes.

Anyhow, the new super-nifty mp3Gain version 0.6.3 Beta has two oft-requested features (along with assorted tweaks and minor improvements):


mp3Gain 0.6.3 Beta

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Thank you very much Snelg. Very nice work.

I think that the Radio Gain dropdown menu is missing a "Max Noclip Gain" together with "Album Gain" and "Radio Gain"? I can't see a way to apply Max Noclip Gain to all the selected files.

mp3Gain 0.6.3 Beta

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Yeah, I don't have a pretty button for it yet. Just look in the "Analysis" and "Modify Gain" menus.

mp3Gain 0.6.3 Beta

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The "Max Noclip Gain" column is really great 

I have a little problem with this version, e.g. if I try to clear the list: "ERROR 5 in ClearAll (MP3Gain): invalid procedure call or argument"

Also the values of the selected File are only updated if I select another file and then the file again.

mp3Gain 0.6.3 Beta

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Real Daedalus:
Hmm... can you tell me exactly, step-by-step, what you're doing to get these errors? That would be helpful in tracking down the problems.


mp3Gain 0.6.3 Beta

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I'll try to explain it:

I add a folder with MP3 files. Then I do a "radio analyses" and apply "radio gain". Then i sort the "Max Noclip Gain" column and add a constant gain to the files so that the song with the highest amp doesn't clip but is just under 32767. When I try then do clear the list i get the error.

I hope my english isn't too bad..

mp3Gain 0.6.3 Beta

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That's pretty clear. I'll go figure out what the problem is.
When you do this, is the "Work on Selected files only" option on, or is it off?


mp3Gain 0.6.3 Beta

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It happens in both cases.