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General Audio / Re: Getting and running fdkaac and opusenc encoders for dbpoweramp and foobar.
Last post by rupeshforu3 -
The latest fdk-aac linked above doesn't include any command line tools. Those exist in a different repository. You'll need to combine the libfdk-aac that repo builds with the command line tool from the other repository.

I have seen the repositories of both fdkaac and lib-fdkaac May I know how to combine library lib-fdkaac and fdkaac into single executable file called fdkaac.

I have installed visual studio 2022 with c++ compiler,msvc, make tools, git for windows etc.,.

If you give any small link to how to compile I will follow it and create fdkaac.
General Audio / Re: Directory structure for organizing FLAC files.
Last post by JohnBuckWLD -
When I brought up the issue on reddit, saying the need to have artist folders and album subfolders was unnecessary because I have plenty of space to embed art, a few good points were made in favor of such a folder structure.

1. Less organized
2.  More difficult to transfer files
3. Embeds make bloated files
4.  Less conventional / familiar
5. Folders with larger contents cause bog downs in Windows

Regardless, I don't use folder and alphabetize to less than 2000 files per folder w/no issues and use file names formatted as %album artist% ▪ %originaldate% #%catalog number%»%disc number%-%track number% ▪ %title% and with long titled classical music: %composer% ▪ %composition year% ▪ %album%» #%discnumber%-%tracknumber%
Support - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v1.6.5 - v. 1.6.9 Album Art Viewer do not update Cover Art
Last post by Snowknight26 -
Are you implying that it should always have a folder-watch in place for the currently playing track, so it can detect if external art is added or removed during playback?

Not necessarily. I was simply describing the current behavior, desirable or undesirable, in case someone runs into it or the powers at be feel like that warrants a change. In the 10+ years of using foobar2000 that's the first time I've noticed it so clearly it's not that big a deal.

I was under the assumption that the artwork file is decoded each time the highlighted track changes (assuming you have "prefer current selection" selected) so it was strange, from my perspective, that it didn't do that in this specific situation.

Though to your point, a filesystem notifier is already in place if a folder is being monitored.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: No Equalizer plugin affectingfrequencies 8khz and above
Last post by kode54 -
Please note, WH-1000XM4 will only be using 44100Hz stereo AAC under Windows 11, and SBC under older versions of Windows that didn't support AAC over Bluetooth. If you want high frequency content that the speakers are most certainly incapable of reproducing, you need an external Bluetooth device that transmits LDAC. Also, most likely, the only one I know of, needs you to feed it with an S/PDIF signal from an S/PDIF interface to produce greater than 44100Hz. Conveniently, the Bluetooth transmitter has a USB interface, but it doesn't support High Resolution or frequency audio.