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Links to blind listening tests

Discussion about this topic :

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What is an ABX blind test ?


Audio codecs :

Warning : because of the psycho-acoustic tricks used in lossy codecs, spectrogram-based comparisons, signal cancellation, or artifacts amplification (SoundExpert tests) are not suited for the evaluation of the audio performance of these codecs.

Public double blind listening tests, led by Roberto J. Amorim and Sebastian Mares. 2003-2008. Some codecs have been improved since then.

List of Hydrogenaudio's tests, with Guruboolez' gigantic blind tests.

Mp3 at 320 kbps.

Many tests by forumers, on various formats


Audio hardware

Websites with many tests :

David Carlstrom. Very interesting tests, but unfortunately undocumented.

[French] The "Kangourous's" tests. Several gatherings involving blind tests of amplifiers, preamplifiers, DACs, interconnects, and an equalizer.

[Spanish] Matrix-hifi, spanish audiophile association , fond of blind tests. Take the red pill and follow the link "Pruebas Ciegas".


Ohl's website, with several distorsion simulators that include ABX modules.

[French] ABX tests for dummies

Whole stereo system : CD player, amplifiers, cables, stands :

Blind comparison between to very different electronic setups (700$/12,000U$). The listeners had to choose their preferred system, rather than identifying them. Surprising results.

Ribbon Tweeter

[French] Accidental "liar test"... they forgot to turn it on.

Amplifiers :

Transistors versus tubes, including the study of the speakers' influence on the amplifier's sound. Failures and success.

David Clark. Several amplifiers, from very low to very high end. Failure.

High end Bryston versus low end Onkyo. Liar test (the listener thought that he was listening to the other amplifier).;threadid=12752

"Amplifiers Do Sound Different", by Martin Colloms, Hi-Fi News and Record Review, May 1986.
Debunked, then reconfirmed success.

[French] Nad versus Rotel, by Trias and Kriktop. Failure.

[French] Yamaha RVX657 vs BGW 750A, by Denis31. Failure.

[French] Quadri-amplification, test on the medium channel, by Denis31 : Yamaha RVX657 versus Icos Elsberg 270. Failure.

[French] Yamaha RVX657 versus Jolida JD202, by Denis31 (transistor versus tube, failure)

[French] Sansui 999 versus Yamaha RX V595 (Failure)
ABX test "Chez Jalot" : interconnects and amplifiers

Headphone amplifiers :

By Nitri and Pio2001. Success.

CD Players and digital :

DA-AD chain (Xonar Essence STX, Xonar D1 soundcards), with different antialias filter settings. Software emulation of the soundcard filter included. Successful ABX.
Results :
Description of the files :

[French] ABX of the Non-OverSampling design (simulated). Success.

Blind test between two CD Players (Follow the "Blind listening test" link):

ABX test undertaken and failed by Y Tieffenbrunn, head of Linn, on the Sony A/D-D/A converter PCM F1 :

Study, including blind tests, on the sound of CD pressings :
The numerically-Identical CD mystery Ian Dennis, Julian Dunn and Doug Carson.
>> To put in balance against the "jitter theory", presented by Bob Katz in order to explain audible differences between originals and copies, or between digital drives; and with Bruno Putzeys' indications, who measured distortion in the analog output of a CD Player.

Direct vinyl vs digitalized vinyl (48 kHz 16 bits). Failure.

Various analog copies. Success with an SB64 soundcard, and with a copy from a CD Player versus direct audio extraction :

CD Tweaks (green pen etc), by John Atkinson and Will Hammond. Claimed success, debunked then because of wrong analysis :

Equalizer and ADC/DAC :

[French] HD970 Player (250€) versus Cambridge 840C (1000€), by Coxwell and Mahler (failure) :

[French] CD Players. 96 kHz 24 bits recordings from low end DVD player vs low end DVD Player + external DAC (success), then from CD Player vs Discman (success).

[French] RMAA measurments on four CD Players, by Kriktop :

[French] AV integrated amplifier Yamaha 3900 versus Cambridge 840c (failure).

Turntables :

[French] Luxman PD-282 vs Technics SL-3100 (both recorded digitally). Failure

Speaker cables :

John Dunlavy, liar tests (the listeners are said that something is changed while it is not true) :

Measurements and ABX test on speaker cables (failure) :;#entry135916

Measurements and ABX test on speaker cables (success) :;#entry148461

Monster versus Opus MM :

Monster 1000 versus Belden (success with Martin logan SL3, stats to be verified), Monster 1000 versus coathangers : failure !

Success. (dead link, reported to B.Coppola the 14/07/2010).

Interconnects :

Blind comparaison between three pairs of interconnects, by Edwood. "Blind Cable Taste Test".

[French] Double blind test of interconnects, by Pio2001 :

[French] Double blind test of interconnects, by Rorominator. First account with wrong scores (false success) :
New analysis, with real scores, failure :

[French] Discussion on the two above tests, with links to Rorominator's declarations, who was certain of the success before the test :

[French] Interconnects used between a preamplifier's output and headphones, (ABX 20/20) :

[French] Profigold versus DIY "that looks like Audioquest King Cobra". Failure.

[French] 2 €uros basic interconnects versus 300 € Transparent cable
ABX test "Chez Jalot" : interconnects and amplifiers

Power cables :

Long term power cable blind test by Kiang. Hidden cables were sent to 23 forumers for comparison. Extraordinary differences heard between similar cables in the final results.

Test presentation :
Results presentation in the discussion (dead links) :
Final results, with listeners comments :

J.V.Serinus test. With volume differences perceived between two times the same thing.

HDMI cables :

[French] HDMI blind tests with two groups : experts and readers


Equalizer and ADC/DAC :

[French] Behringer DCX2496 (AD converter + equalization -12dB, Q=4 at 40, 100, 1k, 3k, 10k + equalization +12dB, Q=4 at 40, 100, 1k, 3k, 10k + DA converter) versus cable (the DCX output gain had to be set to +0.9dB in order to match input and output levels). Failure : (setup given page 13).

General Audio

24/96, high definition formats :

Big study by Brad Meyer et David Moran at the AES :
Short presentation :

Summary of various studies, including many links (Oohashi, NHK, Griesinger etc).;#entry372649

Links to the big test in Detmold university :;#entry374740

[French] Corsario's test :
Quantization noise detected at full volume (ABX 10/10) :
Failure on an "unmissable difference" :

[French] Gbo's test :

Very interesting : test your own perception threshold.
For frequency in kHz, download the "Mustang" files :
Discussion :
For resolution in bits, the MAD challenge :

Close to the MAD challenge, Ethan Winer's test, 21 listeners :

Frequency response

Minimal audible deviations, by David Clark :

Volume difference

[French] Kangourou spécial différences de volume

Nothing at all :

Blind test on nothing at all (ABX 12/13, success without listening to anything !);#entry70284

Another nothing at all blind test (success with p = 0.003);#entry151930

...Lucky strikes that illustrate the effect of multiple tests for the first one, and of "sequencial tests" for the second. Follow the "Read first" link above for more informations.